Mark Trengove Ecological Services


Our services focus on flora and fauna surveys and reporting. They include:

  • ELand Management Plans
  • EVegetation Quality (Habitat Hectare) Assessments
  • EState Native Vegetation Regulations Reports
  • EVegetation and/or Habitat Mapping (GIS)
  • EFauna Assessments
  • EEnvironmental Management and Rehabilitation Plans
  • ELand Management Plans
  • EOffset Management Plans
  • EEcological Monitoring Programs
  • EPlanning Scheme Overlay Assessments, Including Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) and Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO)
  • EEnvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Assessments
  • EPlant Identification
  • EWeed Management
  • EVCAT Representation
  • EDue Diligence Reports