Mark Trengove Ecological Services

Mark Trengove Ecological Services is a Geelong based consultancy with a reputation for providing sound ecological advice.

Mark Trengove has more than 30 years experience as an ecologist, specializing in the indigenous flora of central and south-west Victoria.

Mark Trengove Ecological Services specializes in flora and fauna assessments and offers a high standard of scientific investigation, ensuring accurate, comprehensive data collection and quality written reports.

We understand the commercial pressures that many of our clients face.  Our ecological expertise creates workable and cost effective solutions within the context of the relevant planning system. We understand that work done to a level of thoroughness saves clients considerable time and money in the long term, and is more likely to secure planning consent.

Mark Trengove Ecological Services provides a cost effective, timely and professional service that is in keeping with clients’ requirements.

Please note my change of email address to  All other contact details remain the same.

Featured Services

  • EVegetation Quality Assessments
  • EHabitat Hectare Reports
  • EFauna Assessments
  • EEnvironmental Management Plans
  • EOffset Management Plans
  • EEcological Monitoring Programs
  • EPlanning Scheme Overlay Assessments
  • EPlant Identification
  • EWeed Management
  • EVCAT Representation
  • EDue Diligence Reports